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Children’s Hospital of Michigan – DMC
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Our Mission

The mission of Kids Work It Out is to promote optimum health in mind, body and spirit through a comprehensive yoga-based approach that reduces anxiety, prevents childhood obesity and increases self-esteem. Founded in 2005 by Danialle Karmanos, KWIO is a Wayne State University Center for Health and Community Impact program that delivers quality programming to give children the tools to make healthy choices.

To achieve its mission, KWIO reaches hundreds of kids each year through a 10-week yoga and nutrition program offered in elementary schools in the fall and winter. A six-week summer program is also offered for elementary-age children in schools and community centers.

The Current Climate in Children’s Health

Michigan Department of Education

Schools in Michigan (K-8) are not required to provide recess or physical education (Source: Michigan Department of Education)

U.S. health care costs

More than 25 percent of all U.S. health-care costs are related to obesity and inactivity. (Source: Anderson, et al, 2005)

Michigan ranks high for obese children

Michigan ranks in the top quarter of the country for obese children and adults.

Half of Detroit Children live in poverty

Over half of Detroit’s children under 18 live in poverty. (Source: Data Driven Detroit)

Data Driven Detroit

Nearly four in five Detroit Public Schools students received free or reduced-price meals at school. (Source: Data Driven Detroit)

Half Detroit households with children participated in food stamps

More than half of Detroit households with children under 18 participated in Michigan’s Food Assistance Program, previously known as food stamps. (Source: Data Driven Detroit)

About Our Program

We combine nutrition education with physical activity (yoga) to get children started on a healthful lifestyle. The foundation of a healthy body begins with understanding what food makes the body strong, energized and fit. Yoga combines breath and bodywork to help manage stress and achieve emotional balance, which benefits both the body and the mind. Adding nutrition education to yoga can lead to more mindful eating.


Nutrition Presentation With the ChooseMyPlate model, KWIO identifies and explains the five food groups with a proven formula that all children can process and apply on a daily basis. Without judgment, we educate and empower attendees to make healthful food choices in all environments.

Yoga Activity

Yoga in the classroom Yoga is an adaptable athletic activity that can be practiced by all children with measured results for total wellness. Yoga does not discriminate based on physical limitations. It adapts to every environment. KWIO yoga sequences are designed to create a foundation for lifetime wellness.

Our Program

Our yoga-based approach is anchored by a weekly theme and unique 1-hour formula, which is predictable and repeatable. We follow the same schedule on a visual board each week: Warm-Up, Breathing, Intro, Off the Mat, Nutrition, Yoga, Relaxation, and Review. Our formula is designed for optimum retention and participation from our students.
DKWIO 1-hour Formula

Transforming the lives of
Children — and counting!

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In the U.S. alone, more than 2.3 million children suffer from childhood obesity. This problem threatens the health of our kids, our families and our nation. Through our yoga-centric approach and our unique system for equipping kids to make healthful choices, KWIO is making a difference for thousands of children.

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Since the beginning of Kids Work It Out, our volunteers have been the driving force behind our success. Our volunteers have provided our yoga and nutrition program to thousands of students in Southeast Michigan. Every day in schools across the city, our volunteers make this significant outreach possible. Volunteers make learning about yoga and nutrition fun through our unique one hour formula. Work It Out volunteers make a difference in kids’ lives by empowering them to make healthful choices with lessons they can use for a lifetime.

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I thought I would not like yoga at first. Now, I love it and have taught my family what I learned in class

- Third Grade Student, Academy of International Studies

The program has become an integral part of my physical-education program and the classroom teachers as well as the students look forward to this 10-week session every year.

- PE Teacher, Samuel Gompers Elementary-Middle School