Kids Work It Out is a results-oriented program designed to empower total wellness in children from the inside out. We equip kids with tools to effectively and remarkably make healthy choices for their mind, body and spirit.

See What We’re All About

“Children who are skilled at recognizing feelings, dealing with conflict, and exercising self-control are more likely than peers to succeed in school and to do well in life.”

— Kernels of Learning, Austin Matte, Harvard Graduate School of Education

Our Story

Kids doing Yoga pose Kids Work It Out is unique because it’s authentic. Our intentions, at the most basic level, are pure. We equip kids with the tools to make healthy choices – mind, body and spirit. Our holistic, yoga-based approach teaches children to listen to their bodies, pay attention to their thoughts and feelings, and decide for themselves how to respond to their own stress. Of students who use the Kids Work It Out program, 72 percent use the breathing techniques they’ve learned to reduce stress. Founded in 2005 by Danialle Karmonos, Kids Work It Out was aimed at preventing childhood obesity. We’ve learned along the way that we’re also helping to reduce anxiety and increase self-esteem in children. We provide kids with a set of easy-to-learn tools that are proven to increase physical and mental health in a meaningful, sustainable way. KWIO is a roll-up-the-sleeves, put-your-money-where-your-mouth-is curriculum that delivers valuable information on health, exercise and nutrition to kids and their families through fun, engaging and, most importantly, educational activities. Our goal is for children to have a better understanding of and appreciation for yoga, healthful eating and physical activity, and that incorporating a practice of yoga will improve their mental and physical health.