DKWIO Named Pioneer in Children’s Wellbeing

“DKWIO: Giving Kids the Tools to decrease stress, increase self-esteem and find calmness using a unique yoga and nutrition curriculum” has been named a Pioneer in the Children’s Wellbeing Initiative! This selection comes after a thorough screening process in which 284 entries were considered by peers, trusted reviewers, and staff from Ashoka. Ashoka is a global organization that identifies and invests in leading social entrepreneurs — individuals with innovative and practical ideas for solving social problems.  The Children’s Wellbeing challenge will award 10 Champions funding from a pool of $48,000, as well as mentorship from Ashoka and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s network. DKWIO’s project is one of about 120 entries invited to continue to the next stage, because we’ve hit on a compelling approach or demonstrated outstanding leadership in the field of children’s wellbeing. “I’m thrilled that DKWIO is considered a Pioneer by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Ashoka Changemakers. Partially because it’s an honor to be recognized by such respected organizations.  But more importantly, because of the network of people around the world that are committed to Children’s Wellbeing.  I can’t wait to share, learn and grow with this group,” said  DKWIO Executive Director, Development, Trish Dewald. Follow the process on twitterPioneer Award