New Year, New Beginnings

As we completed our Fall 2016 programming, an immense feeling of gratitude filled our hearts. From the infinite amount of support our yoga teachers and assistants have provided, to the softest of smiles from our students; we are forever grateful to be able to do the work that we do.  With after school and in school programming, we have reached fourteen different Detroit public and charter schools.  Through all of the crayons, paperwork and countless hours of hard work from our DKWIO team and dedicated school staff members we have empowered our students with yoga, breath work and nutrition educations. Now with the new year, we start another chapter in our Work it Out memories. With so much turmoil around our children, the everyday stress of their busy lives and the constant social pressures that surround them, we are honored to be able to continue to share a little peace.  Throughout all of this hard work, we get to take a step back and value the impact of our programming. By empowering tomorrow’s leaders to live healthy lifestyles and giving them tools to dedicate their lives to peace is priceless. As we transition towards a new year, we invite new potential, possibilities and hopes for a better future for our youth. We are forever grateful to our staff, partners, students and affiliates for making these dreams for a better tomorrow a reality with every breath. “My students look forward to their yoga every week and so do I. They not only are able to listen better after yoga, but they are also able to retain the information and better focus their attention.” -Ronald Brown Elementary Teacher, Ms. Akins