<h1>Nate McCaughtry, Ph.D.</h1>

Nate McCaughtry, Ph.D.

Assistant Dean & Director for Center for Health and Community Impact

Dr. Nate McCaughtry, Assistant Dean of the Division of Kinesiology, Health and Sport Studies, and also the Director of the Center for Health and Community Impact at Wayne State University, joined the Danialle Karmanos’ Work it Out board in 2010. Bringing years of experience in city-wide health promotion to the organization, he helped to re-develop the program and conduct its first large-scale evaluation documenting the many health and social outcomes the program facilitates with children across Detroit. In 2017, he led efforts to transition to Wayne State University with the long-range vision of expanding its reach to all elementary schools in the city and bring its evidence-based 12-lesson formula of yoga, mindfulness, social and emotional learning, trauma coping, and nutrition education to national prominence.

Now known as Kids Work it Out, the program is a signature initiative in the healthy living platform operated by the Center. Currently the center houses 23 healthy living programs, and has improved the lives of hundreds of thousands of youth across nearly 500 locations. Center faculty and staff have acquired over $9 million in funding to support their work, published over 250 research articles documenting their results, presented nearly 300 times at national and international research conferences, and won 23 research and community engagement awards.