The benefits of using a Visual Schedule

The visual schedule we use in our sessions can be a useful tool in managing your time while keeping the students engaged. Take a look at the benefits cited by The Oklahoma Assistive Technology Center. A visual schedule
  • • Provides structure and predictability (which can be VERY effective in decreasing undesirable behaviors, especially with children who have Autism Spectrum Disorder).
  • • Makes absract time concepts, such as later, next, or last, more concrete.
  • • Can be used to learn new vocabulary and language concepts.
  • • Can help the child with unexpected changes in the regular schedule.
  • • Can be used as a task-analysis schedule to teach new skills.
  • • Can help the child transition from one activity to the next.
  • • Can increase independence.
  • • Teaches the importance of organization.
  • • Provides a point of reference for children with a poor attention span.
  • • Helps make inclusion in the general-education classroom more successful.IMG_3021