Change Lives While Teaching Healthy Habits

Help Kids With Your Certified Yoga-Instruction Skills

Kids Work It Out volunteers enjoy the experience of a lifetime by working to give kids the tools to make healthful choices. Your passion for health and wellness and dedication to children will have a profound impact on our community. If you’d like to volunteer, please complete the following form and join us!

*All potential volunteers are subject to a background check.

Here’s Why You Should Volunteer

KWIO volunteers influence kids’ health for a lifetime. This fulfilling opportunity gives teachers an unforgettable experience, as well as an opportunity to inspire a culture of peace and health for children in Detroit.


KWIO volunteers provide students with invaluable tools to live a healthier life, while gaining a unique teaching experience. Participating in our program gives yoga teachers a chance to fine-tune their skills. Schoolteachers and health professionals working with children gain classroom-management experience and Kids Work It Out’s specialized children’s nutrition training.


“I want to be a part of creating a brighter future in Detroit and DKWIO has given me the opportunity to do so,” says Kirsten Beyer, Program Manager at KWIO. Like Kirsten, many of our volunteers have cultivated professional relationships, even long-lasting friendships with other teachers.


Many kids in Detroit are exposed to high levels of stress as a result of poverty and violence. When Kids Work It Out volunteers introduce Detroit schoolchildren to mindfulness and yoga-based movement, they are helping them lower stress and become more resilient. Volunteers give students the tools to feel stronger and calmer, which ultimately prepares kids to achieve academic improvement and emotional balance.

Having fun teaching at John King! The groups are large but we had an opportunity to ‘get real’ with concentration. I love teaching for DKWIO!

— Linda B., Volunteer Yoga Teacher

Kids are learning to incorporate breath and movement…it has been very fulfilling to teach these skills to elementary students.

— Sara O., Volunteer Yoga Teacher

Other ways you can help

Share your time and talents with Kids Work It Out. Together, we can change the lives of children. If you’re not a yoga instructor, but you still want to volunteer with us, please fill out the form and describe your talents. Perhaps you’d like to host a fundraising event to benefit Kids Work It Out, or you have a knack with social media and want to give us a hand. Do you enjoy giving your time in the office? Whatever your skills, let us know and we’ll see if we can find a project with Kids Work It Out that is a good fit.

Other Ways to Help

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